Bye - almost - all social media, hello privacy.

I got tired of being assaulted by social media apps. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and most of these companies don’t really care about you or community development. It’s all about selling ads and stealing your attention with curated crap. It’s time to take back control. You can still reach me on Linkedin, Twitter or say hey to

I recently changed my email provider, from Google to Hey. Same thing with my browser, from Chrome to Brave. My new search engine is Ecosia, which you can plant trees with your searches - for free. As soon as I go to Brazil and teach my family to use Telegram instead of Whatsapp, another revolution will start. Until there, I’ll keep being a little bit hypocrite.

And no, I’m not using Google Analytics to analyze the metrics of this web site, I’m using this wonderful and plausible tool.

Are you tired of Google too? Check this list with replacements for all their products. We have alternatives for pratically all softwares in the world, you just need to explore for a few minutes. You don’t need to attach your life to big tech corps.

We always have the option to do better, to be closer to our principles, but of course, it requires effort like all the good things in life.

I invite you to join the revolution too.