About me

Hi, I’m Uly. I’m from Porto Alegre, Brazil, but I’m currently living in Berlin, Germany. I started coding around 2004 when I was 14 years old. Initially, I used to build silly scripts to patch the uniforms of Pro Evolution Soccer’s teams, a game that I used to love playing. During this period, I never thought how significant this coding thing would be in my life. Later on, I started to study programming in a technical course, and I got some exposure to ancient languages as basic, asp.net, and - not so ancient - PHP. At some point, I started to get money to code, building enterprise systems using enterprisish stacks.

After a few years working for big tech companies, I decided to work with startups, which back in time seemed like something way cooler. Indeed, it was. I worked with amazing technologies in the last years, and on top of that, I started to learn how to build great engineering teams. Lately, most of my working time is used to empower teams and people, creating a psychologically safe workplace and a productive flow for engineers from different countries and cultures. It feels good to create an environment where people can be proud of their work while shipping impactful code and having fun. So yeah, that’s what I usually do.

Out of tech, I did a considerable number of random stuff in my life, as DJing in parties, writing articles about music for a blog - sponsored by MTV, interviewing bands, playing American football, or going to some Buddhist retreats in the middle of nowhere.

Intriguing mix, right? I can’t explain.